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  • Metamorphose

    Don't know what happened to this community
    Normally, things aren't what it had used to be
    Turing a blind eye, won't make people see
    Crazy stuff always happens or so it seems
    Don't compare this to that American Sitcom
    Tensions can easily worsen if nobody's calm
    From every shred of violence
    Seeing the devil for guidance
    Huffin and puffin til someone's silenced
    Justice will one day be triumph
    FBI solving cases with science
    Stomachs are being sickened
    As the plot continues to thickens
    As folks still make horrible decisions
    simply can't let things go for the greater good
    Don't be a kid after going through adulthood
    Know that feelings can't get any better
    This message goes out to whoever
    Coming together forms a stronger unity
    We are citizens helpin' our community