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  • Hand me a nail Ethan

    What is that sound I wondered, that floated on a breeze
    That pulled and begged attention of my curiosity
    My walk now interrupted, for in tone a hammer rings
    And a saw that’s kept in rhythm as thru the wood it sings
    Drew me to a clearing; fact is it lay ahead
    But my pace it quickened, sometimes you go just where your led

    An old man in a straw hat I found sitting on a stump
    That overlooked a meadow, from where the sound rose up
    He said you’ll be surprised and before the sun is set
    There’s going to be a barn and they’ll barely break a sweat
    Won‘t you sit and join me, so little effort makes a friend
    Yep I’ll stay awhile, may never pass this way again

    Twenty men in blue shirts, suspenders and black hats
    We could watch them working from the stump on which we sat
    They had come in horse and buggies, from the surrounding farms
    Jovial and happy, social country charm this raising of a barn
    Bare faced boys without their breads, old men’s a turning gray
    Contently us two watching, as they worked the day away

    As if it came from heaven, an aroma filled the air
    Gray skirted hen like women, were darting every where
    Chicken, yep that’s chicken and mashed poe-taters to
    Those women set the table, I’m hungry now ain’t you
    And when they came and ask us, couldn’t beat that deal
    As the eldest man among them thanked Jesus for the meal

    It sure does bring back memories from the good old days
    When people helped out one another, without expecting pay
    Seemed thee old man was there friend and I’d just wondered in
    To an Amish community, if your wondering where I’ve been
    And around five O’clock that new barn was standing proud
    Me there with a sunburned face, in that black hat crowd.

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    Nice! Vivid images of the old-fashioned barn-raising... still a community event practiced in Amish, Hutterite and old Mennonite colonies!