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    I’m not going to say the same old things
    Because being yourself just isn’t helping anymore
    You are who you can be by your college degree
    And you are your own hero by your pay grade.
    I refuse to tell the lies your parents told
    YouTube made it to where you forgot to work hard
    To go anywhere in life now is how well you look on the outside
    Because beauty pays the bills nowadays.
    I hate lying, that’s the truth
    So don’t pardon me when I day your dream isn’t available
    That dropping out of high school can guarantee lifelong success
    Forget the lies your parents told you
    Because I can tell you how to have dream come true.
    Start something in your parent’s garage
    Because that’s how everything started once
    Give up a few times because no one ever gained a million dollars from perfectionism
    Never be afraid to break the rules, because that’s why rules were ever made.
    Never forget why you set the goals you put up yourself
    Because you chose to improve yourself on how well you could do
    And most importantly, remember why you chose to dream
    Because you chose to forget the poor reality we live in to somewhere that isn’t micromanaging you constantly
    A place better than heaven itself
    Just remember to not act stupid
    Because why did you think I made this poem?
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    Doc_Drummer, this is some down-home good advice. You tell it like you see it and aim to inspire. Great message! Best of luck.