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Purpose in our Flaws

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  • Purpose in our Flaws

    When we're combing through the thread of our lives
    it's easy to get hung up on each knot
    and live in regret recalling the times
    we see patterns we wish we forgot.
    But even with hindsight, who can understand
    fate's hidden purpose for every flawed strand?
    We do our best to see clearly
    how we made each mistake
    if only so that we merely
    avoid future heartache,
    but the tighter we clutch the past in our hand
    the faster it sifts through our fingers like sand.
    We can only return
    to the past in our thought
    so we hope that we've learned
    what life's lessons have taught:
    to move on and choose wisely
    the steps that we take,
    to never take lightly
    the choices we make,
    and in the end understand
    that our lives all connect,
    such that each errant strand
    we see as a defect,
    in fact forms a pattern beyond what we see
    for our lives as a whole form a grand tapestry.

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    and in the end understand
    that our lives all connect

    And by extension, it is our community that has the power to hold us up when we have fallen. Indeed, we do form "a grand tapestry". Nice job!


    • BiocideJ
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      Thank you.

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    I even like the way this poem looks on the page. Was that intentional or did the words just work out that way? Great testament to living as a whole. Best of luck!


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      Purpose in our Flaws is excellently worded, BiocideJ. You're a poet of great talent, wisdom, depth! Thank you! Monica