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The Great Guinea Pig Debate

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  • The Great Guinea Pig Debate

    The Great Guinea Pig Debate
    by Rebekah Willhite

    School yard antics don’t ever end -
    they linger long into adulthood,
    or should I say motherhood.

    As I stood in the courtyard waiting for the bell
    I heard two parents debate the pros and cons of Guinea Pigs.
    According to one of the parents, “A Guinea Pig
    will not need a wheel in their cage due to their long backs,
    but a hamster would love wheel.”

    I could have interjected;
    better go to Costco and buy Benadryl in bulk.
    But really,
    I don’t want to talk about Guinea Pigs.
    I don’t want to hear about Guinea Pigs.
    I don’t care about Guinea Pigs.

    You can hashtag black lives matter
    but until you have to teach your nine year old
    how to not engage with the police
    or send a pre-emptive letter;
    Under no circumstances is my child allowed to play outside with any type of toy gun.
    Please have your son accompany my son into your house, so my son doesn't look like a burglar.
    During soccer carpool, please do not encourage playing Shotgun.
    You don’t feel that black lives matter.

    I did not interject;
    I stayed quiet.
    Quiet doesn't solve problems.
    Quiet doesn't make the world a better place, and
    for the record Guinea Pigs just shit everywhere.

    Then I had a vision of a little girl writing Santa Claus
    asking for a Guinea Pig.
    But the thing is that little girl will grow up to become a mother
    and write Santa Claus a letter
    asking for the safety of her son and every child that looks just like him.

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    Far too easily, we allow ourselves to become wrapped up in the fluff of life, to the exclusion of facing real issues, thinking deeply and making a bold, personal choice to become engaged. You've achieved a thought provoking poem - thank you for sharing.


    • RebekahW
      RebekahW commented
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      Thank you for your nice note. I appreciate the kind words.

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    Now this - is real. Nicely done RebekahW. Best of luck.


    • RebekahW
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      Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.

    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Congratulations on your honorable mention win RebekahW! Well deserved!

    • RebekahW
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      Thank you RhymeLovingWriter. I wrote this from the heart and to see that others are enjoying it is really profound for me.

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    Cool, you write about a serious subject and somehow introduce a Guinea Pigs. Black lives matter, toy guns and a rat. Just yesterday,
    the police arrested a 6 year old, with handcuffs, in Tenn. 20years ago the debate was about the violent games kids play and what
    would happen. I hear nothing of now. Except Slender Man. They're just gonna hit the reset button and go back to reviving a dead life.


    • RebekahW
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      I am very concerned about young boys being arrested or killed on their way home with a bag of Skittles. It's hard to navigate as a parent. I appreciate you taking time to write a note.

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    thought provoking is correct. also nostalgia for the simple innocent time before gun hysteria.


    • RebekahW
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      Thank you for your kind words.

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    I like! Keep it up! admin
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