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Connections Across the Backyard Fence

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  • Connections Across the Backyard Fence

    Hey Stan! Your yard looks great, although, I never see you mow.
    The wife? The kids? Or someone else? You’re always in the know.

    Truth is,
    says Stan, I found this kid, a drop-out from the school.
    He’s not afraid of hard work, and he’s handy with the tools.
    Remember when? Those teenage years are crammed with dumb mistakes—
    and so, I hired him for odd jobs. Seemed he could use a break.

    That’s nice, Stan. Now, I gotta ask, my car’s been running rough.
    My regular guy’s retired now, which makes things kind of tough.

    I’ve got this guy,
    says Stanley Smith, who lives just down the block.
    His brother knows a guy from work. I think his name is Brock.
    Brock’s cousin—Larry, that’s his name—works in a shop. I heard
    last time he worked on Brock’s car, well, that engine really purred!

    ‘K Stanley, thanks! I’ll call him up and see what he can do.
    Before you go, d’ya know a guy who’ll come unclog my loo?

    Well, all I know is stay away from Louie’s Plumbing biz.
    Lou fixed the drains across the street, then stole the guy’s wife, Liz!
    You know I’m pulling on your leg, so give old Lou a call.
    He works from home; that’s his wife, Liz. Nice folks, and she’s a doll!

    Say, one last thing. The wife and I are heading on a trip.
    We’ll need someone to house-sit while we cruise aboard a ship.

    My neighbour’s daughter babysits, to this I can attest:
    We’ve had her come to watch our kids, my wife says she’s the best.
    Last week she found a part-time job, life-guarding at the pool.
    I bet she’d like the extra work. She’s saving up for school.

    Appreciate the help, my friend, you’re always in the know!
    I’ll catch up with ya later, Stan, when news is not so slow.

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    Nice job. On topic for sure and a fun read. I like the idea of two neighbors talking across their backyard fence.


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      Thanks for the feedback, John. I wasn't sure how well this would work, seeing as the entire poem is written in dialogue. I appreciate knowing that my idea was not lost in the translation!


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        pipersfancy - this is a neighborhood in which I'm sure we'd all like to live. I've never read a poem written all in dialogue and I think it's very effective and spot on for the theme. Kudos!


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          It feels good to do something different. something unique. This is tongue in cheek and subtly humorous. It flows nicely and is fun to read. I like it! Thanks for sharing, pipersfancy!


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            I've been thinking about this piece. And it dawned on me belatedly that the word "connected" has a double meaning. Not only the literal, physical connection created by the bordering fence, but the fact that Stan is so 'well-connected' in the community. I don't know why I didn't get that the first couple of times I read it, but I love it when a poem keeps pulling me back for more. You are very good at what you do pipersfancy.


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              Wow! I'd almos forgotten about this piece— it was a fun one to write, and my first entry for this year's contest. Thank you, RhymeLovingWriter and Mhenry, for such lovely comments!


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                it makes me think of that tv show with tim allen where he only talked with his neighbor through the fence. i enjoyed reading. thx for writing different


                • pipersfancy
                  pipersfancy commented
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                  Bingo! Allen's show, Home Improvement, was always good for a laugh or two and I used to catch it when I could. I happened to be thinking of Tim's conversations with "Wilson" across the fence... and that inspired this little ditty. Thanks so much for reading, and catching that connection!

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                Hey, that was a pretty cool thing to do to a poem. And it reminds me of Tim the Tool Man.


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                  I sat next to Tim Allen at a wedding. We had a conversation, but there was no fence. We are from the same neighborhood -- Detroit.


                  • pipersfancy
                    pipersfancy commented
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                    My mother had a cousin in Detroit... I remember visiting the city several times as a kid. Never met Tim Allen, though!

                  • Brainwreck
                    Brainwreck commented
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                    How is Detroit doing now?

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                  They say Detroit is making a comeback, but I won't ever go back to see it. It's gone from my rear-view mirror, the mirror is cracked and in the garage, and I lost the key.


                  • pipersfancy
                    pipersfancy commented
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                    Sometimes it's really difficult, if not impossible, to return to the places of our youth.

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                  What did Bill Clinton say? "It's the economy, stupid!" Liked this a lot. Your rhyming never felt like you were reaching.


                  • pipersfancy
                    pipersfancy commented
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                    It was a fun one to write— thanks for the fun comment, John!