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2016 Poetry Prize

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    Can you clarify what is meant by the theme being "Community"?


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      I am drawn to the sea....

      I am drawn to the sensuous sea,
      Its beauty, the smell of salt upon my skin,
      The rolling thunder of each wave,
      The calmness it brings within.

      The sound of the tender waves
      Gently lulls me to sleep.
      The night lit by the sea’s moonlight
      Casting a soft shadow so deep.
      I am hypnotized, mesmerized,
      held captive by the mystic sea.
      It controls me, I hear its call,
      And this is where I must be.
      I never wander far away.
      Nothing else can compare.
      Once you rhyme in utter harmony,
      It’s a feeling priceless and rare.
      My love affair with the sea.
      My heart aches when I am far.
      It keeps drawing me back
      My way lit by the Northern star.
      I am drawn to the sensuous sea,
      Its beauty, the smell of salt upon my skin,
      The rolling thunder of each wave,
      My senses amplified within.


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        Fresh fallen snow …

        Look, listen, you can hear the snow falling,
        Its enticing voice is calling.
        Come to this place of peace and solace,
        Where everything is flawless.

        Crisp and clean is the fresh fallen snow
        Glistening so beautifully from the ground below.
        Still undisturbed, yet untouched.
        It remains pure and unspoiled.

        I gingerly step on this blanket of white.
        Its virgin canvass, such an exquisite sight.
        My mood is lifted, it feels so light,
        Captivated by snow’s divine bright.

        What a feeling of peace surrounds my being,
        There is no one around to what I am seeing.
        The air leaves a soft, warm kiss upon my face,
        And I never want to leave this magical place.


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          Thank you for letting me join this poetry forum.


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            Almost dead, but going thru the motions.
            Feelings almost a distant notion.
            What drives my naked soul?

            No sadness, no pain, just a barren field.
            Am all lone in this expanse abyss.
            But my thoughts are still alive.

            Got to get out of this, but don’t even care.
            No one knows of my despair.
            I am in a community of one.

            By choice, I have chosen this.
            Not by chance. I created this.
            By circumstance. Aren’t we all?


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              Why is this Happening.

              What is happening in this world?
              I hear the people say.
              Why all the violence against children,
              The future one day.

              Why so many babies killed.
              Why so much child neglect, abuse?
              It just doesn’t seem real.
              There is just no excuse.

              Have we lost our mercy, sympathy, integrity, humanity?
              And replaced them with apathy and lethargy.
              Are we lost as a caring nation?
              Do we as a people bear no responsibility?


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                For the children:

                Where is hope…
                Hope is in the faces of children, you can hear them roar,
                not a care in the world, their domain to explore.
                Hope is the gleam in their eyes, pure innocence …
                not yet darkened by the evil that surrounds.

                Hope is in the resolve of people together
                To make a difference as they gather.
                Hope is the light that is never extinguished
                when they take the plight for the children.

                So as our hope lies in our children, we must keep to our mission.
                Stamp out the evil that threatens them, band together for action.

                Our resolve, that the light will never dim but shine brightly
                in the faces of the young,
                As the children are the future, and that future is our hope
                for humanity to go on.


                • AlexandratheLate
                  AlexandratheLate commented
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                  This very touching and so true. Children need us all to stand up for them. They are the future, the hope.

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                COMMUNITY OF APATHY

                Do we shine bright or shine low?
                Which way to go?

                Are we humanity at its best
                or at its worst?
                Are we even humans any more?
                Have we failed the test?

                Scared to find out
                we have miserably failed,
                to give a damn about another.
                That ship has sailed.

                Do we shine bright or shine low?
                Which way to go.
                Or do we fail to shine at all.


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                  We live amongst a blind population,
                  Where peace and love are not our first occupation.
                  I wish everyone could could see,
                  Everyones hurt and misery.
                  No human deserves a life of pain,
                  We all live in the same place just different names and different brains.
                  Its so sad to see people hurt.
                  Like they were just washed up and treated like dirt.

                  I want to be the one who changes the world and the way we live.
                  So nobody has to struggle and suffer from it.
                  We can get through all of this horror,
                  As long as we stand up and strive to make everything better.
                  We can change the world and i know that for sure.
                  Make a stand with me and lets change the world forever.


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                    When two becomes three,
                    then three becomes four,
                    like branches from a tree,
                    they begin to explore.

                    Those that explore grow
                    they form a branch, a family;
                    then continue to grow,
                    to form a community.

                    A community grows like a weed,
                    found everywhere you turn;
                    scattered like seeds,
                    and it will grow like corn.

                    Community, a place of unity?
                    it's more a group of people
                    living together, usually,
                    living a life that's peaceful.
                    Though, not necessarily.
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                      Community, unity it all means the same
                      To some its life, to some just a game
                      We live, we die, we laugh, we cry
                      Some get sick, some get high

                      The rich, the poor, the old, the young
                      Hear me speak my native tongue
                      I did not choose who i was to be
                      All i want is a chance to live free

                      They say money makes the world go round
                      Religion, beliefs, turn it upside down
                      They lie, they cheat, they spy from a high
                      The end they say is cometh the nigh

                      Included, secluded, but im still here
                      We have no peace, we live in fear
                      Every day we witness more hurt and pain
                      Innocent lives lost, what had they to gain

                      But in the midst of all the doom and gloom
                      We hope, we pray, we have to assume
                      If it is this so called land of opportunity
                      We must stand, believe, trust, in Community!


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                        Furry Creatures in the Woods
                        By: Mary Latz

                        There are all kinds of furry creatures living in the woods,
                        That’s their home, that’s their neighborhood.

                        They do not bother anyone, they stay to themselves,
                        They expect the same, so behave yourselves.

                        They are so cute and they have the knowledge to live off the land,
                        They have no need to be helped by man.

                        Have you ever looked into their eyes?
                        The softness and innocence you can tell reside.

                        When something happens and you get hurt or bit,
                        Just remember you ask for it, you started it.

                        Just like your home, if someone came in,
                        You would defend it, you would show them where they have been.

                        Why would you think it’s okay to intrude and disturb?
                        You get what you get, if you enter their suburb.

                        Leave them alone, you were not invited,
                        You have no reason to be sighted.


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                          This is my first contest.I've been writing forever it seems. This will be the confidence boost I need. Even if all I get is some critcism. That will help me more in the future.


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                            Please check out my stuff, peace and love


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                              Your so right! People just don't seem to learn. Animals are not pets! That's why God gave us dogs and cats.