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Why I Cry

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  • Why I Cry

    I cry because
    When I speak to myself,
    I lie
    I lie down against my flesh
    Instead of simply
    Doing my best.
    I cry because
    I invest in smoke
    that fills my chest
    Instead of things that
    Will or may..
    Bring me checks
    So when they pull out forms
    And my piss they check
    They simply say next.
    I get pissed and fill with regrets
    Regretting that temporary feel good,
    smoking and blasting music so somehow I would feel hood.

    I cry because
    Sometimes I don't feel comfortable being me
    This is the part of me people don't see,
    and I see people seeing me as a light
    because I take things light
    so they run to this light in hopes that it might bring them a smile or better yet life.

    But when I'm searching for a light I'm running through a never ending black hole,
    God please help me I wanna get back to being whole

    I'm about to lose control
    I wanna clean this black soul
    Life has taken a toll
    I wanna crack a smile
    But my happiness it stole!
    I cry because
    I feel like a failure
    Sometimes I feel like
    My success was premeasured
    And I have met
    what was measured..
    But this is me being scared
    So I can't open what's been treasured
    My confidence has been weathered
    By the great number of failures
    I'm trying to be brave
    I'm trying to be bold
    But these thoughts get to me
    I get weak and I fold!
    How can I feel content with life
    Like a stripper on a pole
    When I feel like my father
    Just wants to control
    When I feel like I'm dealing with a
    Tyrant of a soul..
    I cry because
    I want my family to be whole
    Every time we patch one
    We create or discover a new hole
    Do we love one another?
    Can we please check the polls?
    Maybe so ..
    I know a few counselors
    Shall we go
    Let me know
    I'm just a pipe
    And all of this pressure
    will make me blow
    So before I blow
    Let me blow this dro
    Dro that blows
    the pressure in this pipe away
    Now this pipes so light
    That this pipe gets blown away
    I get blazed
    Yes I get blown away
    In hopes that one day I will say..
    I don't cry.
    I'm stronger than this
    I won't listen to the voice
    that's telling me I won't fly
    Nothing feels better than this bliss
    I'm high off life
    I no longer have to twist cannabis
    But hope isn't good enough
    All that I'm claiming it
    I don't cry
    I'm strong for the next person
    And by strong I mean
    Inspiring and motivating
    I want to watch people grow
    I want my words to be cultivating.
    But thinking of his grace and mercy,
    thinking about how he's never hurt me,
    thinking about how he's never desert me

    I just breakdown
    I know God Is on my side
    With him
    I don't have to be ashamed
    Or hide
    With him
    I don't have to be full of pride,
    with him I can be who I am and he understands

    I can go to him when I don't understand
    I can go to him when I need a
    Shoulder to cry on
    Or a helping hand
    So when they ask me why I smile
    Or why they've never seen me cry
    I simply look up to the sky
    crack a smile
    And tears of joy
    I cry
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    Very nice, good writing!


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    Yeah that was nice..


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      Awesome Man !!!!!!


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        Your incredible!