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  • Common Ground

    There once was a plump pup named Pete,
    Who was not very swift on his feet,
    He'd run after the cat,
    Who was almost as fat,
    The chase would take most of a week.

    On days when Pete napped in the sun,
    A hot dog, only missing a bun,
    That darn cat would sneak up,
    On this poor sleeping pup,
    And scare Pete awake just for fun.

    Pete knows, cat's too big to climb,
    And he's chased him too many times,
    He then thought up a plot,
    For next time it was hot,
    To make that cat pay for it's crimes.

    So, on the next warm sunny day,
    It was time to make bad kitty pay,
    'Cause Pete, he did not,
    Lay in his best spot,
    Which cat felt made easier prey.

    The place Pete had picked was just right,
    To teach cat a lesson, not fight,
    He knew what cat hated,
    Just laid there and waited,
    Until the sky had little light.

    Nearby, the cat hides in a bush,
    Pete's trap, hides under his tush,
    He then felt a small squirt,
    It was ready to spurt,
    Cat sprang, though not with a swoosh.

    Pete then rolled as fast as he would,
    He tried hard, as hard as he could,
    At first it was slow,
    Then he started to go,
    Until he went far as he should.

    Cat saw he may need to give chase,
    So it tried to speed up the pace,
    Then the sprinkler did pop,
    All the way to the top,
    And sprayed that cat right in the face!

    How Pete laughed at the soggy, wet cat,
    Who flew fifteen feet with a splat,
    It was one third it's size,
    And had big, buggy eyes,
    It's fur was all sopping and flat.

    "Take that!" Pete said, laughing within,
    "You deserved to get sprayed on the chin."
    The cat, it glared hard,
    From across the wet yard,
    But then he just started to grin.

    "It's 'bout time, you big lazy hound,
    I knew at some point, you'd come 'round.
    Dog or cat, bred or stray,
    We'd have fun if we play,
    But next time, I don't want to drown"

    Pete and cat, then laughed 'til they cried,
    They went on for so long, the grass dried.
    Pete saw, cat's not bad,
    "He's so fun, that's so rad!",
    From then on, they played side by side.

    - © 2014 John Tribolet
    Veneta, Oregon