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  • I Saw My Dad Today

    I Saw My Dad Today (11/7/2014) (Belmont, CA)

    I saw my dad today in a sandwich shop.
    I was hungry and needed some food.
    The line was long and moving slow
    And I was not in a very good mood.

    The app on my phone showed this shop with five stars
    And the people were regulars in line.
    When I saw the Pastrami on the menu board
    I knew I was going to be fine.

    Then my attention shifted to the face I knew
    And it really was a bit of a shock.
    He was old, weathered, and furrowed
    Like the surface of wind-worn rock.

    But his face was kind and warm, though worn,
    It felt good to see him again.
    Our relationship during my teenage years
    Was strained...he wasn't my friend.

    But just as the lady who made my lunch
    Called my name to the head of the line
    I aroused from my personal reverie
    Startled by the shine

    Of the metal surface around the glass
    Of the microwave in its case.
    It was just my own reflection...
    It wasn't really his face.

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    I live in Belmont, CA


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      That is a poem I will remember for some time I think. I really enjoyed it and attaching the picture is a nice touch. I wish now though that I had read it before I had seen the picture so my mind would have had a chance to paint my own picture and then I could see how close I was to what you really saw. I think I would have been close though. Thanks so much for posting this. Hope you post more of your work.


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        i absolutely adore this