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A Sunday Lesson

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  • A Sunday Lesson

    A Sunday Lesson
    . . . if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.

    A Sunday school class
    filled with rambunctious youth
    with no permanent teacher
    to brave their ill behavior.

    In walks a bishopric member
    to sub on this Sabbath day
    he takes charge and teaches
    the unruly bunch that death
    does not discriminate.

    On the chalk board
    his large, wrinkly hand
    draws a time line—
    we never know
    even though he feels
    he has a few more years
    to walk upon the earth.

    The class sits still
    this balding man’s message
    permeates inwardly
    their souls.

    Later in the week
    on a business trip
    he drops dead.

    A massive heart attack
    sealing his Sunday lesson
    with his demise.
    These students have long

    remembered his words.

    by Marsha K. Ault
    Nacogdoches, Texas