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A Texas Bluebonnet

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  • A Texas Bluebonnet

    A Texas Bluebonnet

    I glimpsed a feral flower
    there in the pavement crack
    standing tall, erect
    as if it belonged there.
    A plume of tiny sunbonnets
    deep blue with tips of white
    waltzed with a gentle breeze.
    I ponder how it got there.
    A small gravel-like seed
    clothed in a thick, warm coat
    tossed about by wind, rain.
    As months, years passed
    the small kernel found refuge
    in the crevice of the asphalt
    until the warm sun rays
    beckoned it out of the cleft.
    The showers gave it drink
    it sprouted, blossomed

    from the small cranny into which
    it fell.

    By Marsha K. Ault
    Nacogdoches, Texas