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A Safe Haven Once Stood Here

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  • A Safe Haven Once Stood Here

    A Safe Haven Once Stood Here

    Tall blades of grass wave, beckon
    me to enter through the iron gate.
    Ballerinas of Lent Lilies dance
    bravuras with the breeze. . . mark
    the spot of the once old home site.
    Echoes of children’s voices bring
    treasured memories as I watch
    the old tire swing move
    back and forth, back and forth
    with each puff of gentle wind.
    I can almost see the old wooden stove
    with its long black pipe ascend
    upward with heavenly smells.
    The protective arms of a homestead
    once sheltered my ancestors here
    a safe haven, a refuge from the storms
    of life.

    by Marsha K. Ault
    Nacogdoches, Texas