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    Last Words
    I Breathe in,
    And I’m standing alone with the angel of death
    He looks at me, then fades away
    All in the same breath
    Sometimes we have a fate that we don’t accept
    Feel the hate getting closer with every step
    Store it deep down inside, where the secrets are kept
    When it became too strong, I close my eyes and wept
    But I promised to catch my tears, if I ever cried
    Ask for forgiveness, if I ever lied
    Stand back up, if I ever tried
    And say my last words, if I ever died.
    But if I’m every lasting and never parish
    And live to see the day after the end of time
    I promised to appreciate the things I never cherished
    Just Please don’t take mine
    I miss blue when the skies turn grey
    Kiss you goodbye, when you decide not to stay
    Blessing leave and there’s nothing you can say
    The lord giveth and the lord taketh away

    What I’d give to make the angels stop crying
    Smile and sing again, keep on flying
    Every dark cloud in the sky, has a silver lining
    I know I’ll never reach, but I keep trying
    Tell mom and daddy I’m coming home
    Lead me to the promise land
    The world may not care, once I’m gone
    I just pray they understand
    We admire the ones in paradise
    But never see all they gave and sacrificed
    Naturally willing to pay the highest price
    Even if it means laying down your life
    Ascending to the light but I fell
    Into the arms of the Angel of death
    Knowing the next time I inhale
    Could very well be my last breath
    I breathe in and see the world we live in, and wonder what’s it all about
    I can’t give in, I believe in me,
    Beyond the shadow of a doubt
    Marry and unveil your dearly beloved
    While we’re gathered here today
    Bury me down, and I’ll rise above it
    Say a few words and lay down your bouquet

    You held my hand, you were my guide
    From my beginning and all throughout
    I promised to say my last words if I ever died
    I breathe in and breathe out