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Letters from Another World

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  • Letters from Another World

    Letters from Another World
    by gjgalk

    Found a battered postcard along the side of the road
    The stamp faded, the address worn off;
    Didn’t know when, or
    it was from.

    I read the message though.
    That was still clear.

    The words (they looked just a little watery):
    “I LOVE YOU.
    I MISS YOU.”

    The front – a bland picture of a city at night,
    a hastily chosen excuse to write those words,
    Which were careful.

    But the card hadn’t been handled with care, with any care;
    the indelible impressions that inky human fingers
    left on the card stock,
    smudging some sort of aching affection into the starch.

    I wanted to return it to someone
    but wondered if the postcard hadn’t blown into my universe from another
    through an open window of sorts,
    An IneedYou-shaped hole in the sky.

    It was a love letter lost from the airmail of
    Another world.

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