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    Becoming You
    by gjgalk

    A soul lost,
    Unsafe, unsure, suffering,
    Like a boundless plain of questions,
    Without an ultimate judge of mortality and conduct
    To guide you towards your light

    A storm burst, your spirit
    Surrounded and swallowed up,
    Can you achieve that maturity, that pride?
    Or are your experiences without reason,
    Like pouring grains of corn into a bag full of holes?

    Is the process mere physical agony devoid of promise,
    A subversive and veritable alteration of mind?
    Or is it an amendment, a variation by your own volition,
    An exodus of the innocence,
    A swim through the river of wisdom?

    Can you move like a golden fish,
    A huge, beautiful form gliding through currents of experience?
    Will you dare the deep-blue power;
    Suffer the rage and fury;
    Journey the contemptuous waters?

    To see the beauty of knowledge unfold before your eyes,
    To watch the gurgling waters of that river sing to your ever-changing mind,
    To move past the magical moment of childhood
    As time stands still,
    And shares with you all that was, and all that is to come

    To move beyond yourself
    Will make you shiver;
    The roots of everything you have ever believed will seem shaken
    And you will feel that you are the greatest sufferer in the world;
    Your sorrow and confusion will weigh you down

    And the fear is the worst part;
    Every time you feel failure,
    Every time you feel defeat,
    You will be tempted to give up
    Like a hurt animal, whimpering, wanting to be safe

    Yet you are your own genesis;
    The owner of your future,
    The messenger of your world,
    The thief of your childhood,
    The herald of your potential

    Adamantly you move forward,
    Vehemently you conquer your fears;
    Growing up: an invisible needle stitching your past
    And your future together, you
    Become you.