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    Six-thousand five hundred languages.
    Seven billion people.
    There is no official universal language that connects us,
    No formal structure that binds us.
    Save music.
    Music is more than sounds, more than words,
    More than notes flowing on a page.

    Music is:
    Dance worthy,
    Other worldly.

    Everyone has heard a song that has changed their life,
    That has given them a sense of clarity.
    On the radio on the drive home,
    Playing for the very first time
    Or one you’ve heard all your life
    And only now understand the meaning.
    One that makes you pull over on the side of the road
    Or sit down in the club.
    Slow to a stop just to listen.

    Music is:
    Love, upbeat.
    Fun, laid back.
    Break-up, angry.
    Predictable, not.

    Rock stars who tour ‘round the world
    Are not famous for their lyrics,
    Or the chord progressions,
    Or the production quality.
    They are famous for how they made people FEEL.

    People understand Music,
    Music is Emotion,
    Emotion is Human,
    We are Human,
    And so we are music.
    Our voices, our actions, add to the Song of Humanity.

    Every tear-stained fight,
    Every love-soaked night,
    Every cry of a child,
    Every girl gone wild.

    Each voice adds to the chorus line
    All of them intertwine.
    We understand and we sing along
    And even when we get the words wrong,
    We understand their meaning.

    We hear and we know:
    To smile
    To cry
    To shout
    To fall in love.

    Music is the unofficial language we share.
    Music is the structure that binds us here.
    Music ,simply, is.