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    Answer Me…O’Jehovah
    O’ Jehovah teach me to write,
    Give me the words of your delight.
    I try to express myself as I battle and fight.
    Guide me as I speak,
    Help me to turn the other cheek.
    Keep me humble even when I stumble;
    Make me strong to fight what is wrong;
    And help me to stand for what is right.
    Give me courage to climb the highest mountain;
    And to fight the wildest beast.
    For I am not the most, but I am the least.
    Erase all my fears for I am weak,
    Please O’ God hide me under your wing,
    While I just take a peak.
    How much longer Jehovah for your Kingdom to come?
    The wicked have grown in numbers;
    And the righteous barely none.
    You did tell us that the road to destruction is broad and wide and the path to righteousness is narrow and thin.
    Which means many will not make it, but the few righteous will surely win.

    Since I have come to know you I have desired TRUTH,
    Keep from lies and restore my youth.
    O’ Great Creator, God of the Heavens, who can deny you?
    The ignorant fool that’s who!
    I pray for those who do not seek you,
    For those who do not accept your WORD.
    Woe to them who have not heard!
    For those who have accepted correction in their ways, who has accepted TRUTH, who has rejected lies,
    The Lord your God has heard your cries.
    Stay encouraged, my brother, my sister as you prayed for God’s Kingdom to come;
    The time is near and our Lord and Savior has come.
    Hail to the King!
    Hail to the King!
    Hail to the King!
    By Tamara Holmes-11/14/2010
    Newnan, GA