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Am I a Part of the Flock? Or Not?

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  • Am I a Part of the Flock? Or Not?

    Am I a Part of the Flock? Or Not?

    Now that I am part of the flock,
    do not allow me to become YOUR stumbling block,
    Just because you do not know my heart,
    does this mean we remain separate and apart?
    See I am a little confused but not about what you think,
    but about how the hatred seeps through and really stinks.
    You say you love God but how can that be,
    when you do not love your brother the one you can see.
    You are a liar when you say you love God,
    but yet hate another that’s flawed.
    Did you miss the mark just has the Pharisees did,
    they knew the law, and were hypocrites,
    Jesus left a mark, and I can still see the skid.
    Hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite, YOU hypocrite!
    I belong to the Kingdom of God,
    I am a Kingdom citizen, not a foreigner or an immigrant.
    The congregation is not tainted just because of man’s flaws,
    rather it is tainted more because hypocrisy covers the wall; in the name of god?
    The Holy Temple is real,
    in the New Jerusalem!
    So let’s evaluate this issue and reflect on God’s Law,
    To love God and neighbor,
    requires much labor,
    but it is the greatest love of all!

    By Tamara Holmes- 1/2/2015
    Newnan, Ga