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  • Understand Me?

    There is a lie in the world
    One we cannot control
    It tells of things that happened
    Long, long ago.
    This lie is simple,
    Almost all are in.
    The lie is that
    Everyone will understand.
    It's taken me years to get
    Where I am today.
    Will anyone care?
    I doubt they may.
    My life is my own.
    They don't seem to notice.
    Me- here-all alone.
    Not at all worshipped
    Like a white lotus.
    There are people that want to know.
    People that want to be heard and see.
    But, I ask myself every day,
    Do they really understand me?
    How will I let my voice be heard?
    How will I speak out loud?
    Be who I really am,
    And I will soon hover over like a cloud.