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The Astronaut's Speech

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  • The Astronaut's Speech

    This evening I went to an astronaut’s speech
    He talked about all of the things that we teach

    Of staying in school and of following dreams
    Persisting no matter how dark it all seems

    He talked about spacewalks, he’s done quite a few
    All the things that he’s done are what I’d like to do

    He’s flown in the shuttle, he’s launched seven times
    (While I’m sitting here making dumb little rhymes)

    As I heard all his stories I had to look back
    On the chances I’ve missed and the skills that I lack

    Cause our choices in life make it branch like a tree
    And if things had been different it could have been me

    It could have been me signing books for a crowd
    With a stellar career that makes everyone proud

    It could have been me soaring up into space
    With a heavenly view of the whole human race

    And it could have been me with those medals and pins
    Enough to fill boxes and baggies and bins

    But instead of a life filled with rockets and flight
    My own humble home’s what awaits me tonight

    When I get there my girls are asleep in their beds
    So I whisper good night and kiss each on their heads

    And I realize if anything changed in my life
    I wouldn’t be here with my daughters and wife

    So despite how attractive that “What If?” game seems
    Sometimes it works out when you table your dreams

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    Now this, buddy, is the definition of awesome. I loved that: " (While I’m sitting here making dumb little rhymes)"
    part. I love this poem, you have talent! Can I copy it and -of course- include your real name? You're so smart, I just have to read this over and over again!


    • Uncle Womas
      Uncle Womas commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks! Feel free to print out a copy for your own personal enjoyment (but nothing commercial, obviously).

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    Fantastic. Is there a way to add this to a favorites bar? Because I would.


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      Yup! This is a good one!! Great job!


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        Alright, thank you! I'd love to read this over and over again.