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  • Grasping Beauty

    Grasping Beauty by Pearle Evelyn Whyte (Christy LeBoeuf)

    When I look over the waters of the Detroit river
    I quiver at the thought of losing my little sister
    Among those waves and the under current
    No perception of humanity, Mercy is urgent
    Scrubbing dried blood stains like a servant
    Your faith takes the hue of a smushed blackcurrant
    Heavy waves feeding you down a cyclone funnel
    Your cracked toes can almost touch the tunnel

    You've perfected the ability to camouflage
    What you perceive as a spectacle of flaws
    The pressure to master seductivity
    Far exceeds the need to be happy
    Alluring, Tempting and Coquettish
    The men come, and quickly vanish
    Your mouth full, but your spirit famished
    You carve your face like an ornate staircase
    Smooth, symmetrical and varnished
    Portrayal of a happy girl untarnished

    Ironic how a godsend few
    Can only see the real you
    They know your scars, and malaise
    How your natural beauty deserves praise
    Manifested in your gaze, drifting with each wave
    Your painted lips shine brighter than vermillion
    Because you're still a chameleon
    Trying to fit in

    Somehow, you always feel in two places at once
    Falling like the cadence of your voice ending a sentence
    Wishing for a prelude and grand entrance
    Yearning for a monsieur and eternal romance
    But that can't happen if you can hardly breathe
    Frustrated like a two year old starting to teethe
    The cold, wet clay touches the arches of your feet
    But your beautiful blues gaze up to Mercy Seat

    And this man gives you courage and purpose
    You can't worry and worship in chorus
    You climb the staircase out of this river
    He dried your wings, and made you stronger
    This liquid, meant to wash away who you are Not
    And to bless your mind, this battle you have fought
    You're remarkable, beautiful and incredibly resilient
    If you catch a glimpse upon the surface
    Rest worries in the river, my angel so innocent

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    Wow. Beautiful, powerful and sad.