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    POEM #305

    Parents we don't choose,
    Never want to lose.
    Always there for us,
    Showing love a plus.
    Holding us when frighten,
    Our bonding love heighten!
    Children live through parents eyes,
    Parents worst fear are good byes.
    We may grow bright and tall,
    Still remain young and small.
    Advice and love they will give,
    As they hope we will live.
    Forever free of any fear,
    Without shedding a tear.
    Reality, parents will leave,
    Children to cry and grieve!
    Baby born, life will begin,
    The cycle starts over again!
    Parents we don't choose,
    We never want to lose!

    Written by Carl Mann
    The kurlman
    Pleasant Hill, Ohio
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    Woke up this morning, parents and children were on my mind! These are the words that ended up on paper. I hope you like them! The kurlman


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      I like this one a lot, I am a parent so it rings true to me! Fantastic job!


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        Very nice. You wrote this on my fathers birthday so that brings the parent thing home even more for me.


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          Oh my god, so incredible poem! Thank you so much for that! I'm crying. Because I remembered my parents and how beautiful they are. You know, it seems that they have been together all their lives. They love each other so much. But then my future husband took me from them, and we rarely began to communicate with them. It was very difficult for me because I couldn't see them, the only option for our communication was the telephone. Later, my husband began to offend and humiliate me. I didn't understand why my family wasn't as perfect as that of my parents, and it seemed to me that I needed to have patience and everything would pass. But it only got worse. I didn’t say anything to mom, I said that everything is in order. And then she woke up one morning, realized that she could no longer continue this way, file for divorce papers, and returned to her parents. I don't regret it at all. I love them, and it's an honor to take care of them.


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            Thanks for this great poem. I will come back to read more! Check my site to learn more about me.


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              Very strong words. Indeed, we don't choose our parents, and that's a shame. I sometimes have a hard time with them, my mom is still good, but I can't get along with my dad. I hired a nurse for my mom and my dad took offense. He is ready to take care of her himself, but he doesn't know how to give injections and IVs. Mom after covid, and I work day and night in the hospital (I pulled her out of the other side of the world myself). Dad says my caregivers would kill her, but he's not ready to take care of her himself. There is a woman from who knows her job very well. Dad constantly scolds her, tries to catch her at something, gets in the way. Maybe they should send him to a nursing home.