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RhymeZone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

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  • RhymeZone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

    The pain I went through, was a dark swirling hole
    I was hurling more, hate that sparked an unfolding goal, it contorted my soul,
    Till it got difficult to even stand was branded as an asshole,
    It jolted and withholded me till I was not whole like war, body was torn
    Now I can’t comprehend or understand simple things no more
    Slow pour of a downward spiral in this hell-whole off I'm sore
    Not high, I'm floor, my life was like a fright of a movie, a horror gore
    South Shore, where I became infected, septic, which started closing doors
    Started abusing, drug using, it was like I was losing goals
    Couldn't think straight, confusing, infusion, with loss of hope
    It be the fucking summer time and I be wearing a winter coat
    What the fuck is the matter with you, dog, bub, I really don’t know no I swear, it’s unfair
    These doctors, they don’t care, I’m scared, there’s something wrong with me under here
    This body, it’s wrongly convicted as a hypocrite or a hypochondriac
    Feeling psychotic and twisted, domestic combat, feeling like a lab rat
    Maniac, my brains not attached, cover it up, insecure wearing my black hat
    And I don’t know, this is how my story unfolds
    It’s got control but so many more things that are untold, it’s so cold
    And what I’m trying to say is, don’t let the pain gain and stray you away
    Until its tamed and you can actually say you’re finally having a good day
    And you’re not afraid,
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