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Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

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  • Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

    Soul, by Venus Connelly
    Look deep inside
    You’ll see pain, joy and everything between
    You’ll see just how hard I’ve tried
    Look inside
    I’ve worn all kinds of hats
    A daughter, mother and bride
    Take a good look inside
    I’ve been to the top and hard on the bottom
    I’ve got bruises on my side
    If you take the time to look inside
    A speeding car and a rodeo
    It’s been a hell of a ride
    Just come look inside
    I stand strong
    Can’t break my pride
    Come close and look inside
    Just like you I have bled
    And at times cried
    If you get the chance look inside
    I am ordinary and like no other
    I won’t be cast aside

    Tioga, PA