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Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

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  • Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

    Faith, by Venus Connelly
    The candle flickers as I wait, I can’t do this alone,
    I am shaken to the bone.
    The draft is strong and there is but one match.
    I know that soon I’ll hear the latch
    And by my side you’ll be
    then we shall be free!
    You said you’d be here by eight
    now it’s very late.
    This wick is low and cold will be this land,
    If you aren’t here to hold my hand;
    I know if I just wait a bit more
    you’ll be running through the door
    Because you promised me so!
    Now the wax is so low,
    the flicker is fading
    But I keep waiting.
    Dear God, did I trust in a joker?
    Was I played as a broker?
    ‘Cause I sure gave my last dime:
    believing this time.
    I am frozen to the core
    The match and candle are no more.
    And I haven’t eaten
    I see the sun like a beacon.
    Now I know I was wrong:
    I waited this long,
    to see it is HIM and me!
    You were just a fallacy.
    The light is rising to warm this little mouse,
    Now, I am going to walk down to HIS house.
    The fear is done,
    HE is the only one
    To whom I should have promised my heart and soul,
    For HE, will make me whole.
    Now I am on my way,
    in this beautiful new day.
    I will light a white candle and it will never expire
    I already feel higher.
    Thank you for the lies,
    For now I see, grace was my real prize.

    Tioga, PA