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Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

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  • Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

    The Best, by Venus Connelly
    You think it’s a long time; forever
    It really is a guarantee; never
    This moment is all we know; ours
    Seconds and minutes; hours
    Can be cut short; taken
    Lives change; shaken
    How will one think of you?
    It’s a trial; smile
    Nothing is permanent; fragile
    Be the good in life; soft
    We’ve been through the pain; scoffed
    Be the sunray in the dark; light
    The rude and crude; fight
    You may have only a moment what will you do?
    Dare to care; fair
    Fresh breath; air
    Hand of charity; blessing
    Hope; addressing
    You’ll be memories; selections
    Inspire; directions
    What is left when you are gone can make new.

    Tioga, PA