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Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

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  • Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

    On the Mend by Venus Connelly

    I am starting to have feeling
    So obviously I am healing
    I am finding comfort in the solitariness
    Slowly losing the wariness
    Seeing small changes
    Pain and peace exchanges
    I have made my mind
    To learn from what is behind
    From the deep wounds they’ve been pressings
    I am able to remove some of the dressings
    Not by far completely closed
    But much less pain now exposed
    Fought for my life
    Against the sharpest knife
    But I’ve risen
    Narrowly escaping a deadly prison
    Astounded by my hidden strength
    A new appreciation
    For false fixation
    Depths of others easily obscured
    Each word uninsured
    Belief in myself only
    Safe but lonely
    Learning my durability
    Doubting my inability
    I am near a cure
    Becoming secure
    I’m enjoying being alone
    Something I’ve never known
    But the better I feel
    Bigger the appeal