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    Look at that glorious shine
    Gaze upon that ambiguous shine
    It is sickening to the mind
    If I hadn’t this infection I would be attracted
    Attracted to that perfection without being distracted
    Life would be enacted

    Spot the voluptuous shrine
    Reach for the first class shrine
    It is luscious to the eye
    Moralless, I would be a coral
    Slumbering, desolate in deep aura
    Life would be blissful as Aurora

    Meet the growling spectre
    Guzzle its disoriented vector
    It is, the misused dainty fortune coin
    Trembling I flee aghast
    Again alluding the vast blast
    It is falling-It is falling fast

    Savour the modest accusation
    Deafly heed a graceful damnation
    It is vicious-brutally unexpected
    Vexatious in volition
    Swift with your ignition
    Oh faith is not a mission

    Smell the hymn of joy
    Rejoice around the coy decoy
    King up high who likes to fry
    Vainly I doubt my stillness
    Plainly I climb the ladder less, I profess
    Slowly and robustly I egress

    Quicken the resolute verse
    To what end must I bear this curse
    Today I ionize primal motives
    Stumbling through private archives
    Balancing splendid sharp knives
    Preserving the evil from our lives

    My perception venomized
    My thoughts analyzed
    My pain minimized
    My balance randomized
    My mind vandalized
    My pattern customized
    The verdict finalized

    Written by Victor Snark (c) 2015
    Mississauga, Canada
    Last edited by GreenBunny; 07-05-2015, 05:55 PM.