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Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

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  • Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

    Wicked Ruler, by Venus Connelly

    I watch you sputter as you utter
    Reception of your deception
    You perceive that we believe
    So factitious and vicious
    Concealing your dealing
    Pretentious however carelessly conscientious
    Suspect disconnect
    Sincere you do appear
    Your vain proves you’re profane
    My verity trumps your insincerity
    Your calculated legerdemain may fool your rein
    But I see you’re cavalierly disdainfully
    As you look into the courts eyes I see your disguise
    Stand before us as king and promise everything
    Foolish man, we just wanted the truth from the words incurred
    My frustration comes from your prevarication
    It’s incessant and such a depressant
    I would stand by your side if only you hadn’t lied
    I would have been with you through all the distress if you’d only confess
    Your entourage follows a mirage
    Until they determine the flaws in your sermon
    As I render my crown I won’t drag you down
    Relived I wasn’t the one who has deceived
    Stand tall in your tower misrepresent power
    When they find all that you falsified, they’ll be mortified
    You’ll be dethroned and stoned
    I can’t stay for that you see, for once you were everything to me
    We all held you in high regard now you’ll be lucky if you’re not charred
    You could have been a laud, but you were just a fraud