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Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

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  • Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

    Not Today, by Venus Connelly

    So there you go
    I hope you know
    I won’t let you back
    Because I kept track
    Of the tears
    Over these years
    I need not prove my worth
    Because someone will see on this earth
    I used to cry
    But I refuse to live another lie
    I’ll be just fine alone
    Make my own throne
    Call myself “Queen”
    Without the smoke screen
    You were my error
    No longer my reign of terror
    I can’t always play nice
    But I pay the price
    I am so mad I fell for your lines
    I should have seen the signs
    But I’ll be okay

    Tioga PA
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