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It's All About Hope.

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  • It's All About Hope.


    What about love,
    why is it so damn blind?
    in a world full of hearts,
    loneliness tears apart,
    we're all looking to find
    someone perpetually kind,
    who'd never leave us behind,
    crying.... "What About Love.....?"

    I've known romances
    and took my chances
    in love's sweet parade,
    cruel happenstances
    and long last glances
    as I watched love fade...
    too many girls went away,
    and I was left there to say,
    "Hey, What about Love......?"
    What about Love?

    What about Life?
    why does it vanish so fast?
    first you're young just begun,
    then you're old and you're done,
    and you're part of the past,
    will you whisper with sorrow
    as you're breathing your last?
    Dear God, what about Life?
    what about life.....

    I watched so many
    of my loved one's perish
    in my few short years,
    held their trembling hands
    as they abandoned their plans
    and tried to stem their fears,
    But when that reaper appeared,
    they cried through their final tears,
    Oh, Lord , What About Life???>>>>
    what about life?

    What about dreams?
    that ease our realities,
    all those gleams in your eyes
    until you realize
    many never will be,
    must we settle for less,
    screaming endlessly ,"Please!"
    What about Dreams??>>>>>
    what about Dreams.....

    I'm writing music
    on my old acoustic
    every night and day,
    but the record execs
    don't give me any respect
    when I come by to play,
    sometimes they send me away,
    and I just turn back and say,
    "Hey, what about dreams??.....
    "Didn't you ever have dreams??

    What about Hope???
    perhaps therein lies the key,
    when true love tells you nope,
    and you're trying to cope,
    until life sets you free,
    maybe someday you'll find love
    somewhere far more heavenly,
    I think it's all about hope.....
    I think it's all about hope.....

    Through loves sad illusions
    and life's mass confusions
    we will wander blind,
    past dreamy delusions
    till we reach a conclusion
    in a most hopeful time,
    In a land far above,
    we will find endless love,
    and leave our sorrows behind......
    and leave our sorrows behind.....

    I think it's all about hope,.......
    I think it's all about hope....!!!

    Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

    Matthew F. Blowers III-(c)-2015
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