Somewhere in the
wee hours of the night
when loneliness ....
it grips my soul so tight,
I realize that I've
lost everything to you,
and that there's little left to do....

We shared a love
that made the angels sing,
A heavenly bliss that let
two hearts take wing.........

Sometime in the wee
hours of the morn,
as every hope,
from my bruised heart is torn,
I understand there's
nothing left to do,
but pack my bags,
and walk away from you.

I stayed beside you
all along it's true,
but I was all alone,
and that won't do.

Someplace on a highway
west of here,
when the reasons why
love failed become clear,
then I will cherish
all we knew,
as I'm fading,
miles away from you.

You graced the best part
of my life you know,
but now I've faced the facts,
it's time to go.....

Sometime in the future
I may find,
a love like yours,
so sweet and kind,
then I'll begin my life anew,
with lessons learned
from losing you.

Two hearts once true now misconstrued.......

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio
MFB III Productions-