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Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

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  • Rhyme Zone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize Entries

    The Ignored, by Venus Connelly
    I covered up the scars
    Of parallel bars
    The cuts made me feel alive
    But it didn’t make me thrive
    I didn’t know if I could undo the massive damage
    The indecision was the challenge
    Could it be changed?
    Or was my fate prearranged?
    I’d cry in my pillow
    While dreams would just billow
    I wanted to talk to you
    But all my life you’d been shrew
    And across the room, your simple stares invoked fear
    So I would just disappear
    Behind the door
    And cut some more
    I couldn’t feel any other way
    Only dismay
    I hurt myself to feel vital
    My only stifled voices title
    I’d stand with you, smile and laugh
    On societies behalf
    I’d try to confess
    When I was in distress
    But it fell on deaf ears
    It’s been this way for all these years
    For you I falsified my glee
    And you failed to consider the rest of me
    I had always been here for you all
    And your perfections order was tall
    You always demanded the best
    Our smiles just so and clothes perfectly pressed
    The unrealistic modus vivendi
    Left the conversations empty
    I wanted to tell you of the incessant molesting
    But by his side you would’ve been contesting
    As not to tarnish our name
    I would have been to blame
    A gift I have for you today
    You’ll find me in decay
    I couldn’t face one more breath
    So I finally cut myself to death.
    I am not sorry
    And since my decision never chary
    For you knew little of me
    Or even cared to see
    Could you name even my favorite color?
    Did you know I wanted to be a scholar?
    I had a best friend and I am sure you knew not even her name
    With this I’ll receive fame
    You will all be exposed
    Your pseudo disclosed
    Now they shall see how very unfit
    And your byname an extremely ugly but fitting epithet
    I hope they embrace your agony
    The same as you did for me
    And I’ll be beautiful again unmarred
    Sincerely the one discard

    Tioga, PA
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