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Those Dreamy Walls for Nothing.

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  • Those Dreamy Walls for Nothing.

    Those Dreamy Walls……For Nothing.

    Hammer on mankind,
    someday you’ll find,
    the walls you’ve built
    uninhabited for all of time…
    uninhabited for all of time

    The stink of extinction
    hangs like a dark cloud,
    Over all who will fall,
    the humble, the proud…..
    For some day may
    in future come
    An empty world
    a silent sun,
    a gaping hole
    where life should be,
    and all is still
    but the restless sea,
    so men beware
    of what you do…
    lest some Mayday
    this ode be true…

    Dreamy walls for nothing
    Modern Jericho’s,
    someday the mortar
    will let go,
    an avalanche
    shed from steel and rust,
    blending human flesh
    and concrete dust,
    when rage devours
    faith and trust,
    and Armageddon falls on us…..

    The walls I've built
    extend beyond,
    the darkest nights,
    the brightest dawn,
    and so much more
    will tower on,
    to scrape the sky
    before I'm gone...

    A vast shelter from
    endless storms
    of doubt that bid me
    just conform,
    and often WA-LLS
    "I " come between
    Become simply W A-I-L L S
    can’t you hear my screams...
    Can’t you hear my screams...

    Each brick a day
    since we were born...
    from alphabet blocks
    to schoolyard bricks,
    to campus dorms
    life goes so quick,

    To stone barracks
    where war is learned,
    to hotel rooms
    where passion's burn,
    to stone churches
    where we are wed,
    love is the mortar,
    too often bled,
    till all the joy
    itself is shed,
    And Love is dead.

    To maternity wards
    of polished marble,
    where we sit and rock
    our tiny pebbles,
    offspring of two walls
    joined together
    in tiny corners of
    true love forever
    One of life’s
    finest endeavors…

    Then institutions
    will enfold,
    our weary flesh
    in bulwarks closed,
    Imprisoned there
    we'll sit and stare,
    back at all the walls
    we've had to share,
    strapped tight
    in wheelchairs
    wet and cold,
    facing that final wall
    of getting old….

    Till the walls tumble
    and death appears,
    He'll hang around
    despite our fears,
    till we're laid out
    in a coffin fine,
    in a concrete shell
    for all of time,
    four final walls
    that we'll embrace
    with rigor mortis
    on our face,
    our last room
    just a basement space.

    But the soul can
    never be encased
    by manmade walls
    it flees with haste,
    to that great
    walled city, far above,
    that holds what
    we are dreaming of,
    where souls
    take wings
    no walls can hold,
    as we fly above
    where angels stroll,
    and explore the
    universe untold.

    Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
    Matthew F. Blowers III-(c)-2015