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  • Love

    A little spaceman came to earth to see what he could find,
    A signal he heard out in space bespoke a thinking mind.
    He brought along a little gift, a precious bag of seed;
    A present his kind knew and grew, he hoped would spread and breed.

    He listened to the signal grow the closer that he got,
    When he could hear it screaming out he knew he'd found the spot.
    A geiger counter signal showed some radiation there,
    A smog detector when exposed showed poisons in the air.
    He saw the light of cities glow from orbit high above,
    He emptied out his special gift, a heavy sack of love.
    The love poured down from high above and settled on the world,
    It spread like weeds and grew upright, life giving leaves unfurled.
    Love sank its roots into the earth and threatened to succeed,
    The governments of earth were scared, they didn't like the seed.
    Love weakened the economy because it spread for free,
    So governments of earth allowed the use of DDT.
    The alien was sad to see the love was left to die,
    He could not tell them what to do, or even question why,
    He could not hold a planet's hand or dictate to its need.
    He smiled, though, just because he knew - Love's a tenacious weed.