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  • Teddy Bear

    The greatest confidant,
    Caring, kind, and always patient,
    He sits atop a pile of blankets,
    With eyes as wise as they are ancient.

    Cry your tears into his arms,
    Bury your sorrows deep within his fur,
    Hold him close and hold him tight,
    To ward of bad dreams in the night.

    He'll never be too busy to hear another story,
    He'll never make excuses or have something else to do,
    He won't ever take you for granted or betray your trust,
    And he'll always wait without complaint
    (even if his fur might start collecting dust).

    He's special with his big brown eyes,
    and his russet golden fur,
    With the velvet bow around his neck,
    For any problem, he's the cure.

    He's willing to join your tea party,
    even when the rest of your friends are not,
    he'll allow you to have the very last cup,
    in fact- he'll let you drink the whole pot.

    He's in the background of old photos and memories,
    He's been there since the beginning of time,
    He's my best friend, my amigo, my comrade,
    This wonderful teddy bear of mine.