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I Am The Bullet.

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  • I Am The Bullet.

    One Bullet's story, one life sacrificed in the telling, millions more chapters to come,
    billions of case histories all gathering dust in the vast gaping maw of time.
    You be the judge on this does this bullet make you feel???

    I Am The Bullet!


    I am the bullet
    lying deep in a box,
    under hundreds of cartons
    of yet unopened shells.

    Verse 2-

    In the back of a storeroom
    resting snug in the darkness,
    in my bright copper jacket
    over lead with brass casing
    one of life's wicked hells.

    Verse 3-

    Sporting guts of gunpowder,
    born and weighed by my caliber
    with a mighty large impact,
    small hole front,
    H u g e wound exit,
    flesh exploded, and torn.


    I am the bullet
    that someday not upon us
    fate has slated
    to lay waste
    "Your dear precious daughter,

    Verse 4-

    But for now I am shelved
    I wait here in a carton
    filmed with dust
    that had settled
    long before she was born.

    I am the Bullet......

    I am The Bullet...........

    (Bridge here......)

    I am the felon,
    my merits are brief,
    I have always been greedy
    just a mugger and thief....
    whose career has been criminal
    wrought with violence and grief,
    just to buy me some crack
    and to find some relief.

    gonna find me a mark
    one with money who;s young,
    and if she gives me trouble
    she's gonna get done....
    that way there'll be no witnesses
    cause prisons no fun........

    I am that bullet
    now spent, bent and battered
    removed form the heart of
    a life that once mattered,
    I snatched Mommies love from
    two kids who are shattered,
    left a husbands whose tears
    on her gravestone are spattered.

    I am the bullet
    in the year twenty-ten,
    that's been tagged, bagged,
    and placed in the evidence bin.

    Verse 6

    Enveloped in darkness,
    I am stored once again,
    next to hundreds of bags,
    holding bullets, mis-spent.

    Verse 7

    Zip locked into silence
    from their tragic events,
    years of dust cover them,
    but each day more are sent.

    There are millions
    still out there!!
    this is my testament,

    "I am the bullet!"