32 December
by D.L. Robinson
There was once
a mysterious
from Surrey
who, in a flurry
ploughed through stories
books and series
from Ceres
cultivating cereus
to serious
cereal killers
Travelling worlds
faster than light
fighting beasts with wit
unmatched in verse
immersed in a patch
of time
is the zenith
of the brightest star
the moment
when the end, is the beginning
So, my friend!
Let us all be our own Einstein

It is interesting to note that Ceres was, to the ancient Romans, the goddess of agriculture, fertility and motherly relationships. Her counterpart is Demeter, in Greek mythology.

Ceres' name may derive from the hypothetical Proto-Indo-European root *ker, meaning "to grow", which is also a possible root for many English words, such as "cereal", "create", "grow", "kernel", "corn", and "increase".
The unmanned Dawn spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at Ceres, a dwarf planet, in early 2015.
Some species of night-blooming cereus, such as 'Christ in the Manger', bloom only once a year. It is a cactus.

(Cheers to a splendiferous new year everyone!)