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  • Bullies!


    He cried on the
    shoulders of no one,
    when he was bullied,
    nobody could see

    the school cameras
    had blind spots
    that just couldn't capture
    the depths of his sheer misery.
    pummeled daily
    and then made fun of,
    the weight that he carried
    held tons of
    plots to just break free
    ways to bring some peace
    from his torment
    endured endlessly

    Other kids who saw
    him cowering down
    beneath the bullies taunts,
    would walk on by
    or laugh out loud
    always acting nonchalant
    lest they too became a target
    they would never dare to rat
    out a bunch of punks
    who'd make them pay
    there was no escaping that!

    Each teacher
    strangely absent
    cause the bullies
    knew their paths,
    so in-between classes locker rooms
    they would unleash
    senseless wrath,
    till it reached a point
    of no return,
    angst can only grow
    when it simmers and burns,
    till that fateful day
    when victim came back
    with a tool of death
    in his backpack.

    Why must it always
    end this way,
    is it insecurity,

    does a bully see

    himself in those
    that he feels he has to beat,
    and what happened to the courage
    in the kinder souls who rush
    past the pain of fellow students
    and just head on off to class.

    There's a lesson that needs learning,
    James Whitcomb Riley said it best,
    words I've rewritten to modern times,
    for both the bullies and oppressed
    but especially for the silent ones,
    who ignore what's being done,
    Ignorance is bliss

    till it hurts someone,
    bad enough to pack a gun.....

    Cause..."Little Orphan Annie says,*
    "Most school days make her blue
    when the playground chatter sputters
    and the winds they go woooo-ooooo!!

    When the birdies stop their singing
    and the clouds get dark and gray
    then your heart it starts to flutter
    and your mind screams, "RUN AWAY!!!!"

    Oh, you'd better mind your parents
    and your Teachers through the years
    cherish all of them that love's you
    and dry each loser's tears.

    Always help the sad, and lonely ones
    who cluster all about
    else some bullied kid'll get you
    if you don't watch out!!!!"

    It doesn't have to end this way,
    due to insecurity,
    yes, a bully sees himself in those
    he feels he has to beat,
    let the unbeaten take courage
    let the kinder souls prevail
    ease the pain of fellow students
    before it grows to anguished wails
    send your principal e-mails.

    Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
    MFB III Productions
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