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  • Everyone is Human

    All these losers on the interweb
    They are turning into celebs
    They are getting their fame
    By doing something lame
    Sometimes they don’t even try
    People put them on the Internet just looking for a reply
    They end up making bank
    Without a single, “Thanks”
    Then there is people online showing their skills
    But the lack of attention leaves them at a stand still
    Those people are losing
    While the others are just snoozing
    Alex From Target got his picture taken
    It caused his whole world to get a shaken
    He got on The Ellen Show
    Now all he’s thinking is, “Whoa, whoa, whoa...”
    It’s 2015
    And everyone lives through a computer screen
    Some people’s careers depend on this young generation
    Kids these days don’t know what deserves proper admiration
    People with all of this fame
    End up getting all of the blame
    They get fingers pointed at them for things they didn’t do
    Their fans forget they’re human too
    They are making funny videos
    People are treating them like they are heroes
    “Famous” people are just your average Joe
    So why don’t you just say, “Hello!”?
    Instead there is fangirl screams
    Young girls thinking they have found the man of their dreams
    You think you know their whole life story
    But really, you just see their glory
    Don’t get me wrong,
    The Internet has come along
    But, all this unnecessary fame
    Often leaves those with true talent unnoticed and in pain