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Hold Tight We'll Last

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  • Hold Tight We'll Last

    Stones break sticks,
    But both break bone,
    But known to few,
    One breaks all.

    Sting do words,
    Break hearts and souls,
    Confidence shatters,
    To words, many fall.

    Tears are scars,
    Silently they splatter,
    Hearts are glass,
    Easy to shatter.

    As the shadow grows,
    Many do fall,
    Brought down by sadness,
    These words take all.

    But just as the the last finger slips,
    Your shoulder's grabbed by a shining fist,
    A worn hand strong but soft,
    Saves you from taking the fall.

    Stand together,
    Side by side,
    Not alone,
    But with pride.

    Up against the ruthless fight,
    Helping others see the light,
    Even though the shaking fear,
    Your words ring loud and clear.

    We may fall,
    To untold fright,
    But we can still,
    Stand with might.

    Hand in hand,
    Mind to soul,
    We share the pain,
    We know it all.

    But if one falls,
    We won't run scared,
    We know their sorrow,
    We hear their prayers.

    This hope we share,
    Is fading fast,
    But we'll hold tight,
    We know we'll last.