when every single person abides in stable inner peace
total world peace via piece by piece

the answer to world peace has now been given
every person practice compassionate forgiving

all the world's problems caused by thought
think with the heart or it's all for naught

don't think "heart" refers to mortal beating flesh
rather, our knowing Essence with all life enmeshed

loving good-natured people has never been a chore
they need love least, while the afflicted need it more

yet, what we do is hate the loveless instead
now we, and they, are further filled with hatred

what kind of a world does this then lead to?
one where we all have a distorted point of view

all issues stem from consciousness pollution
to solve a problem there's a spiritual solution

a problem can't be solved from the level it was created
with an entirely different paradigm alone can it be defeated

violence begets violence, peace begets peace
we've been running in circles with hardly a decrease

one does not lead to the other—likes attract likes
exacerbating an issue with military strikes

rather than going to war, how about mass prayer
thousands of people chanting "Om" towards our betrayer

with no financial cost involved and nothing to lose
being unaware that this is an option is the only excuse

not questioning society and just going along
we'll all be led astray surely before long

not inquiring into man's many rituals and customs
contemplate the consequential karmic symptoms

from our endless psychosis, will we ever transcend?
to higher understanding, make it a point to ascend

the purpose of this world is to evolve in spirit
essentially a purgatory, it contains the whole gamut

from the lowest depths of pain, hell and suffering
to the highest heights of Christ and Buddha Being

there will never be complete peace on Earth
if we're Enlightened there's no reason for rebirth

the only goal worth pursuing is that of Enlightenment
anything less is fundamentally irrelevant

seeking God or Truth foremostly above all else
then, the Mystics say, we're truly making progress

what every Sage has taught has always been drastic
highly divergent from the emphasizing of the scholastic

Moses confessed to being a man of poor speech
there are stories of illiterate monks outside the mind's reach

having little to no education and still they surpass
while the worldly learned treat them as third class

practicing self-control and achieving the ultimate goal
attaining union with All by the death of the soul

This, and the other poems I've submitted to the contest are part of an epic poem called "Love All-Knowing" that I've been writing the last several months. Eventually, the goal is to self-publish. I would like to take this chance to just say thank you to the folks at Rhymezone for having this website available for free use—it's been an invaluable resource!