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  • Misundertsoo

    Sorry if you misunderstood me,
    but you didn’t even try,
    you just chose to go with your twisted up thought,
    that hides deeply inside.
    See I am so grateful that God is not a man,
    if this was the case I would be in a jam.
    The only way to discern sin from sin,
    is the duty of God who searches deeply within.
    If anyone has ever read Matthew 7: 1 & 2, it states,
    “however you judge you will be judged the same way too.
    The Psalmist David was a king with flaws,
    but he chose to repent and follow God’s laws.
    How can you judge if you do not know herstory,
    would it be better if it was in history?
    Man judges fate from hate but to have a fair trial,
    go back to sixty-eight.
    I chose to repent, which in God’s eyes is excellent,
    but what about you?
    When you have judged untrue,
    not only that you have sins too!
    I am sorry if you do not see the light,
    that’s because you remain in darkness without even a fight.
    If there is just a glimmer of light,
    instead of a fight,
    you take of like an airplane in flight.
    Excuse me if I do not do what you do,
    see I have a splinter in my eye,
    and you have a big plank to remove.
    I do not need pity for the abuse I suffered through,
    I just ask that you understand,
    then perhaps extend a helping hand.
    It is funny how I seem to care more about you, than you do,
    hoping one day you will see the light,
    and make it through too!
    Forgiveness is crucial in order to live,
    because without this,
    see I to could easily fall into sin.
    We have been commanded to pray for our enemies,
    because “they know not what they do”.
    Isn’t this how it should be?
    In order to maintain love, happiness, and Peace.
    By Tamara Holmes – 1/1/15
    Newnan, GA