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When Problems Go Awry

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  • When Problems Go Awry

    Worrying about the things
    That you cannot control,
    Slowly chips away
    And leaves you feeling, less than whole.

    Life itself can do that
    If we let it weigh us down,
    Soon enough, we're overwhelmed
    Our gears are tightly wound.

    It's difficult to let ‘em go
    The things we face each day,
    How soon can they erode beneath
    Foundations that we lay.

    It's not until we realize
    That only God can do,
    That which seems impossible
    The goals that men pursue.

    But we keep taking hold of
    Problems that are not our own,
    Thinking that we're wise enough
    To take them on alone.

    Before too long, they're out of hand
    Through our despair we cry,
    That God would come and rescue us
    When problems go awry.