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To Change Is To Understand

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  • To Change Is To Understand

    The grooves in the records fade,
    But the song still sings, it sings.
    And I sit there with my lemonade
    On the front porch in my swing.
    And people walk to and fro
    Back and forth they go.
    And the song they hear
    Stays the same each day,
    And still, they still don’t know.

    The record spins and the needle wears,
    But the song still plays, it plays.
    And I sit on the porch as the people walk
    As the same song spins and stays.

    I died today, on the front porch there,
    And the people walked to and fro.
    And on the porch I was without life,
    And they walked past and didn’t know.
    And the record played and the song did sing
    Again for days and days.
    So the song will sing, and the record remains
    Changed only with our ways.

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    As one whose grooves have faded I can identify with this. A really interesting take on understanding. Nice emotional content. Best of luck ... Ken