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  • My Mother

    My Mother, my mother,
    When I was born,
    I heard a loud trumpet horn.
    With family all around me I yearned for more and more.
    The love you gave me, no other mother could give,
    I mean you brought me in this world just so that I could live.
    You did what any mother would,
    to give me the very best, what you did not have, but should!
    As I grew and grew you continued to nurture me,
    but as a young child I could not see,
    I try to understand more and more as late as it may be,
    that we were two little girls, from two different world’s;
    one from poverty, and the other as rich as the sea;
    and now we are both lonely.
    I often think if I were you and you were me,
    would it be any differently?
    Or would we understand more what the other withstood?
    Pain plus pain equals shame,
    and then comes fear,
    something that neither one of us could bare
    Look! Over there what do I see,
    it looks like an ox as strong as a bull,
    is that my mother or is it me?
    no it is my mother plus me!
    one without the other is weak indeed,
    I’d rather be together than apart,
    because if we are separate,
    then we both have broken hearts.
    O’ Jehovah God I pray,
    that you will bring us closer today,
    and then we will be okay!
    Mom, please forgive me for not being the daughter you’d hoped I would be!
    But I will always love you from the deepest part of me.
    Love your daughter,
    Tamara Holmes
    Newnan, GA

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    I love your words they were written from your heart not your head ! The kurlman


    • Tamara0817
      Tamara0817 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, it truly was from the heart, thanks for noticing!