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  • The Whisperer

    Shhh… listen, it sounds like the wind.
    As I stop and pay attention I start to listen in.
    The noise I am hearing is not from within,
    But as it moves closer it sounds more like a trend;
    Each one repeating each other without the ability to think.
    It is just the sound of a whisperer that kills the soul of the meek.
    The white noise of a whisperer allows them to fall into a deep sleep.
    As the whisperer maintains his unconscious mind to think,
    He is not aware of the information he leaks.
    In his vegetable state of mind he has become unkind,
    Unaware that he is falling behind.
    Whisperer wake up, you were in a deep sleep, as the words you say,
    Slowly drifts away.
    Open your eyes, open your mind, open your ears and hear the words of the despair,
    That unravels like tangled up hair.
    Now you can judge for yourself what’s true and unreal,
    Do you not care how that made me feel?
    See, you may have heard some of what is true,
    But this still does not justify the evil that you do.
    Did you listen to the one in despair or did you rise like the “Good Samaritan”,
    To help remove any fear?
    Did you listen to the one in despair or did you do as the nation,
    And entertain your own imagination?
    Do not be mislead because if you do,
    There is a Judge who will judge you too!
    By Tamara Holmes -12/16/2014
    Newnan, GA