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  • Understanding

    Understanding is supported by knowledge and wisdom.
    Without these, there is only ignorance, and ‘isdumb.
    Search deep inside and try to understand, that your perception may not stand.
    Before jumping to a conclusion, keep in mind that it may all be just an illusion.
    Remember there is always another side to the story, but one thing is for sure God gets all the glory.
    Empty your head and fill it with knowledge, this does not always mean going back to college.
    Now what you choose to believe is your own personal decision, but without supporting facts it is just a mere opinion.
    Understanding is as deep as the ocean, and is more than just an emotion.
    When you have a close caption, this allows your mind to flow deeper than any notion.
    Rather understanding helps to conclude Truth and sometimes this is more painful than a growing wisdom tooth.
    Would a judge have understanding if he only listened to one party? Not hardly.
    Understanding is searching for true facts, and by doing so helps to keep everything intact.
    Understanding supported by knowledge and wisdom is like a diamond in the ruff, which provides true freedom for each and every one of us.
    By Tamara Holmes-12/31/2014
    Newnan, GA

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    I applaud your style of writing. The inner and outer rhyme is quite impressive.God is smiling at this insight I am sure.


    • Tamara0817
      Tamara0817 commented
      Editing a comment
      Jo, thank you so much!!! I am an amateur so your comment is very encouraging. I know that it is God that gives me this insight and I want to share it with others. Thanks again!

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    You are welcome.He is the author and finisher of my faith. I too am amateur but know He'll write what He wants through this vessel.
    If you have time could you read my post division story and offer insights.Particularly does it make sense???