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  • The Trees

    It was the cloudy afternoon when the snow started.
    That was the first snowfall in about 2 years.
    I was in the backseat of my mother’s car.
    I remember looking out at the crystal fields.
    Then I looked at the trees.

    I saw the same trees everyday,
    yet they had never looked so beautiful.

    It’s amazing how I remember this so clearly,
    as if the world had stopped for a second.

    Each glassy flake lied on top of the other,
    creating a blanket over the branches.
    Peering down at the window,
    I could see each snowflake on each fragile twig.
    I looked at the whole of the tree.
    It was a diamond sculpture,
    completely priceless.

    As I marveled at the world outside,
    a beautiful truth dawns on me.

    Those trees were the same ones I had
    looked at since I was a child.
    When the snow melts away,
    my beautiful new discovery
    would fade into a dark brown
    and back into its worn down body.

    I guess that day
    I taught myself a lesson.

    When you see the worst in someone,
    picture them at their best.
    And when they shine at their best,
    marvel in it,
    but in the back of your mind,
    never forget their worst.

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    I love trees and I love this! Great imagery!